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Getting a second MBA

I’m here to speak with those of you who already have an MBA and are looking to get another one. This is common for people from India who might have gone right after undergrad to one of the IIMs. It’s also common regionally in the

When are you too old for an MBA?

What most schools are looking for is about three to five years of experience post-undergrad with promotions or salary increases or a way to indicate that you are a top performer. You want to show that you’ve achieved a lot in a short period of

Getting into business school: Career Goals Matter

Let’s talk about your career goals, which is the bedrock of a business school application. You've got good goals if they're realistic and relevant. By realistic, I mean you can absolutely change function and industry. Most people are. Otherwise, why else would you go back

Choosing the best MBA program for you

As you know by now, business school is all about career goals. It's all about where you want to be, and you want to choose programs that will help you get there. That doesn't always mean top-5. For instance, if you're going into entertainment and

Backdoor top 10 MBA

Every year I work with students who want top-10 or top-5, but they don’t have the stats or professional experience to realistically get into those programs. If you fall in that bucket, here is what I would recommend that you do: take a look at

Getting into top MBA with low GPA

Every year I work with clients who have a low GPA, and we are successful. We get into top programs. How are they able to do that? First of all, let's talk about what a low GPA is. When I worked in admissions, every year

What’s a good GMAT score?

Very common question I'm asked is, ‘what is a good GMAT score?’ Well, a good GMAT score is the average of the school that you're applying to. The school says, our average is a 720. They post that. They take the time to put that

Should I take the GMAT or GRE?

Here's the thing: schools will take both. They'll take the GMAT or the GRE, and it's completely up to you with which one you're going to take. My advice is that you take the GMAT if you're going into some of those heavy-hitting industries like

How to stand out in the MBA application pool

Most admissions consultants will say ‘focus in on your strengths,’ but when I worked in admissions, I would see that most applicants had the same strengths: they've all run marathons, they traveled the world, they were promoted. It was kind of all the same thing.