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How to get off the MBA waitlist

Sorry you're in this situation. I know it wasn't the result you were hoping for, but there are things that you can do, and every year, people get pulled off the waitlist. Remember that it is a list for you to wait on, and often

Tidy up your online presence

In admissions, I would spend typically about 15 minutes reading an application. I did not go off the application, meaning I didn't go and search for the candidate on LinkedIn or try to follow them on Instagram. I just read what was in front of

ADCOM pet peeves

One of my pet peeves from when I was in adcom was when people did not complete the application data forms. They would have this perfectly crafted essay, this spectacular resume, and it was clear they spent hours and had multiple people involved in this

Resume tips for an awesome MBA application

The resume is a huge, integral part of the business school application, and as more and more schools are scaling back on the amount and the word limit of essays, they're really looking at the resume to tell the whole picture. Here's a few things

MBA admissions: advice on recommendations

This is that part of the process that you have very little control over, so it is important that you pick the people well. Totally fine if you're not going to use a current supervisor, and in fact, when I worked in admissions, I would

MBA application essay advice: why school X?

How do you answer the question, ‘why school X?’ This is a very common essay question. Most schools have it. What you really want to focus on is being specific about the resources you would take advantage of at that school. You know you have

Advice for non-traditional MBA applicants

I have a message for the non-traditional applicant. That's those of you going into areas outside of finance and consulting, areas that aren't so served by [on-campus] recruiting, such as arts management or non-profit or education, or areas in media and technology. These industries are

Advice for Indian MBA applicants

I have a message for Indian applicants. That's those folks applying from India to U.S. business schools. You are amongst one of the toughest peer groups, and I'm really sorry for that. When I worked in adcom, I read the India pool, and you have

Advice for women applying for an MBA

I have a message for female applicants. Women this year, aim high. Go for it. Shoot for the moon. We undervalue ourselves all of the time. The most surprising thing I've seen doing this work is how men will come to me with very low

Advice for MBA reapplicants

I work with clients every year who didn't get the result they wanted last year, and are now going to reapply for the upcoming year. I love reapplications. When I worked on the admissions committee, we accepted people every year who reapplied to the school.