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  • Comprehensive
  • $50001 school + $1500 each additional school

  • The entire application process with unlimited support

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  • Hourly
  • $375per hour (two hour minimum) or 10 hours for $3500

  • Quick, on-demand counseling

  • get the details

The Sage Admit Comprehensive Package

The entire application process with unlimited support


1. Initial Strategy Call

You and Lindsay are now a team and she’s eager to get to know you more. The first Zoom meet will be an open conversation about your personal and professional background. You will receive real-time, candid feedback about where you already stand out and what you can do right now to fill your gaps. After the call, Lindsay will create a customized application roadmap just for you, which includes a timeline that will keep us organized and on track.

2. Craft Your Story

There is so much more to you than your resume! Through a series of Zoom meets, we will work together to identify the key stories that set you apart, and will make adcoms sit up while reading. This will serve as a framework for your essays, interviews, and other aspects of the application.

3. Define Career Goals

Having placed clients at leading firms for nearly a decade, and in keeping close contact with career offices at top business schools, Lindsay has a strong understanding of top companies, functions, and industries. She will work with you to present a career goals statement that is ambitious, yet attainable. She also has vast experience placing non-US clients at US-firms and understands the unique challenges of international students.

4. School Selection

Lindsay has a deep understanding of the idiosyncrasies of each business program, things you won’t find on their website. You will partner together in finding a list of stretch and match schools that embody your professional goals and personal values. This list might change as other factors in your application change; we will keep tweaking as necessary.

5. Refine Resume

Your resume may have landed you a new job, but that’s not the same resume you should use for your application. Work with Lindsay to make your resume less technical or industry-specific, and more tailored to what schools value. Support here is unlimited, and also includes assistance with your LinkedIn.

6. Determine Recommenders

While you don’t have control over this aspect of the process, there are things we can do to make sure you’re represented in the best light. First, we will talk through your options to determine who would be your best recommenders. Then, we navigate how to approach them and identify the key points that we want them to emphasize. Finally, we will create a guide for your recommenders, or, if it’s easier for you, Lindsay can work with them directly.

7. Essay Support

Each school has their own unique set of essays, and many can leave you stumped. We lock in a school through a Zoom brainstorming session, where Lindsay will share tips for each essay, based on what’s worked in the past and what each school values. Here is where our initial meetings pay off; as she’s already aware of your key stories, she can help you use the essay as a platform to showcase your personality and unique attributes. Further, given her adcom background, she has a strong sense of essay tone, and knows what works and what falls flat. Support here is unlimited; we will iterate over your essays until we get it right.

8. Final Touches

The application itself has a number of fields and tricky questions (and guess what, if they ask about it, it matters to them!). I will review everything you plan to submit, either through a live Zoom session or as a preview to PDF. Additionally, if there are video essays, we will practice those too.

9. Interview Prep

If you applied to both stretch and match schools, you will most certainly receive interviews! Lindsay has a dense library of content and materials for each individual school, including sample questions and idiosyncratic tips. The Comprehensive Package includes unlimited interview strategy time and a mock interview for each program, with real-time feedback. We promise you will walk into your interviews feeling prepared and confident.

10. Choose a School

Lindsay is with you every step of the way; it doesn’t end with an admit letter. She will help you weigh your options, negotiate scholarships, curate waitlist materials (if necessary), and manage deposit timing. Most importantly, she will make sure you choose a school that embodies your core values while setting you up for success.

Hourly Services

Quick, on-demand counseling

Hourly services are best for applicants who want to be the ‘driver’ of their application, and only want support here and there. Here are a few examples of how we can jump-in to help:

You have an idea of your school list and game plan, but would like a second opinion on your profile. Lindsay can provide an honest assessment of your candidacy and recommendations for how to strengthen your application. (Suggested: 2 hours)
Not all applications are a heavy lift. Online, hybrid, and part-time programs often require just a simple essay and very little introspection. Lindsay will be straightforward with you if your application can be handled on an hourly basis. (Suggested: 5 hours)
You might be on a strict budget or tight timeframe, and have only a few hours to dedicate to support. Even if we haven’t known each other for a long time, Lindsay knows what a strong resume and essay looks like. Depending on where you need her, Lindsay can provide a full review of your essays, resume, and other application materials, offering concrete feedback on how to improve. (Suggested: 5-10 hours)
Your application is complete, but you don’t feel ready to hit submit. Send your full application over to Lindsay, and she can read it as admissions does. Later, we will meet on Zoom to discuss ways to improve it. (Suggested: 2 hours)
You’ve been invited to interview! Congratulations! Now sit down and prep with Lindsay, as she provides interview strategy and mock interview support with real-time feedback. You’ll also gain access to her library, with sample questions and idiosyncratic tips for each individual school. (Suggested: 2-5 hours)
You were dinged and have no idea why. Lindsay will read through your submitted application as admissions does, and later, through a Zoom meeting, provide insight into why you weren’t admitted and what you should do differently next time. (Suggested: 2 hours)