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Why Lindsay?

Seasoned Consultant

After nearly a decade as an admissions consultant, Lindsay has a track record of success. Working full-time on just graduate business applications allows her to maintain a deep understanding of each school's values and preferences. She is also a thought leader in the industry, regularly invited to speak on industry panels, podcasts, and webinars.

Hands-On Coach

Because Lindsay prioritizes serving her clients rather than marketing her business, she works with only 10 clients per round. You experience that benefit via her quick response times and thorough feedback. She also loves a good spreadsheet, and will happily take on the role of organized, on-top-of-it project manager to ensure your deadlines are met.

Former ADCOM

As a former admissions officer, Lindsay sat in committee making decisions and shaping the incoming class. As a result, Lindsay knows what’s important to schools and what’s not; she will help you work smarter, not harder.

Deep Listener

Consistently referred to as a ‘deep listener’ by clients, Lindsay tries to uncover the ‘why’ behind each story, and in listening with empathy, will help you craft a narrative that is both authentic and compelling.


Lindsay is more than I could have ever asked for in a consultant. She is thoughtful and considers your opinions, while still pushing you out of your comfort zone to reach schools you would have never dreamed you’d be admitted to. During my initial consultation with Lindsay, I told her that I didn’t know if I would get into any M7 schools. This spring I was deciding between all 5 M7 programs I applied to, including Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School (with a full-ride scholarship and merit fellowship), and Chicago Booth (with a partial scholarship). She is more than just a consultant, she is a partner and mentor and truly helps you to reach your potential. I cannot recommend her more highly as a consultant and already miss my weekly conversations with her!

Harvard MBA

I highly recommend Lindsay to any candidate who thinks they might not have a chance at M7 schools. She has a real talent for “connecting the dots” on your application, as well as helping “difficult” (or non-traditional) candidates. When I reached out to different consultants to see which one I’d go with, I was constantly recommended to apply for the “older” programs (like EMBA ones, or the mid-career one year ones) because I’ve had 9-10 years of industry experience already. However, I wanted a fully immersive one with a summer internship built in. I’m also Asian American (Chinese), and currently working in finance- a very over-represented demographic at/who applies to business schools. However, when Lindsay and I spoke, I immediately felt that I could trust her with my applications. I initially just purchased 2 schools with her, but added another one later on because she was such a delight—and insightful—consultant to work with! On top of that, the entire process is so mentally excruciating, and Lindsay’s warm and empathetic nature really comes through.

Wharton MBA

I couldn’t recommend Lindsay enough! I worked with her on 5 schools through the comprehensive support package. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the MBA application & admissions processes and very accessible and responsive throughout. She brings a positive, enthusiastic attitude to every meeting and really pushes you to think deeply and produce your best work. I could feel that Lindsay was genuinely invested in my personal MBA journey.
She provided invaluable support, guidance, and prompt feedback throughout every stage of the application process: from creating a robust timeline, helping me to select my list of schools based on my goals, probing me with thoughtful questions to help draft my personal narrative and essay prompts, helping me to refine my essays, and preparing for interviews.
With Lindsay’s help, I was admitted to Kellogg, Haas, Darden, and Stern with scholarships and invited to interview with CBS (I ended up withdrawing). The MBA application process can be stressful and overwhelming, but Lindsay made me feel motivated, confident and prepared every step of the way. I don’t think I would have gotten these results without Lindsay’s guidance and I definitely wouldn’t have had such a positive experience. Lindsay is such a gem!!

Kellogg MBA

Lindsay Is The GOAT. Lindsay is the best, my EMBA superhero and cheerleader! She's so thoughtful, and considerate and goes above and beyond to give you the feedback and guidance you're looking for -- often answering questions you hadn't thought of asking!

Columbia EMBA

I was admitted to HBS (!!!) & Lindsay was the ABSOLUTE BEST person I could have asked for on this long journey. Throughout the process, I had crushing doubts about my low undergrad GPA & my chances at admission. Lindsay knew exactly how to lift my spirits & motivate me – telling me that “there is no room for doubt” and wholeheartedly believing in me. Before our sessions, I would be down because of the seemingly impossible task at hand, but immediately after our sessions, she was able to get me so fired up at the chance to tell my story. She was also so amazing at giving tactical guidance when it came to crafting my story: each piece of advice she provided was prompt, clear, truly pushed me to find my “why,” and was given in a manner that motivated me even more. Lindsay is able to create a high level of trust in a short time because she is able to ask you the right questions at the right time (especially about vulnerable topics) and has a deep understanding of the MBA process. The last thing I’ll say is she is such a kind and patient person who is so lovely to interact with!!!

Harvard MBA

When I reached out to Sage Admit, I felt like I was drowning in a complicated, opaque MBA application process. I interviewed 7 admissions consulting firms, and immediately felt the best connection with Lindsay thanks to her sincerity, enthusiasm, and clear mastery of the elite admissions space. Lindsay helped me tease out a unique narrative from my seemingly-disjointed, nontraditional background. Her essay support was especially on-point and speedy, quickly turning around with actionable and strategic feedback that helped me keep a coherent theme throughout my applications. What I most appreciated in working with Lindsay is that I no longer felt like I was going it alone - I had an experienced, savvy, kind partner. Lindsay turned the application process from an experience that I was suffering through to one of self-discovery and personal development for which I am eternally grateful. Thanks to our work together, I received a full-ride to a top-10 school, and $50,000 in scholarship at multiple other top programs.

Dartmouth Tuck MBA

Accepted to Wharton with fellowship!! Thank you! This is all you! You've helped change my life trajectory and I'm forever grateful.

Wharton MBA

The whole admissions process is quite complicated and filled with lots of unknowns. Lindsay simplified that process for me. She is a deep listener, a strategic outside-the-box thinker. She was fast in responding with direct, specific, actionable feedback - even during the busy end of year holidays. She always made it a point to be positive and constructive in her feedback. At some point, when we met during a mock interview, I told her she resembled a Japanese master of her craft, because of how she handles everything with excellence; she really is the best in the business at what she does.

Berkeley Haas MBA

I applied only to one school, MIT Sloan Fellows, and I was battling a low undergrad GPA with my application. After my first meeting with Lindsay, she gave me the confidence that this is not a show stopper. Her advice throughout this journey was fantastic. I am not sure I would’ve been able to get through this process without her. She gave me the confidence that I could be admitted to MIT and not only did I get accepted but I was also granted a Dean’s Fellowship. Working with Lindsay was an investment in my future and it was worth every penny!

MIT Sloan Fellows

Lindsay’s cogent, deliberate, and authentic approach was the true differentiator for my MBA application process. Her background in admissions makes her the perfect knowledge source. Through a series of game-changing tips, she provided the bedrock for my winning application. She listened, discerningly and empathetically, to my fragmented story and quickly whipped my essays into tiptop-tier shape! I owe so much of my success to her. Lindsay is also one of the kindest, most generous consultants I know. She somehow helped me believe in myself along the way so that I felt confident going into interviews. I can say assuredly, I couldn’t have done it without her!!

Columbia MBA

Thank you for believing in me and for setting the foundation by which these admissions were possible. This is our win. I am sincerely grateful.

Harvard MBA

This was my second time applying to Stanford, and Lindsay was my second consultant. The person I was working with before was unprofessional, disorganized, and over-priced. I got connected to Lindsay, and within the first few minutes of our first conversation, I was relieved. In two weeks, we were able to work through multiple iterations of my essays, short answers, and resume before the deadline. For the interview phase, we ran a mock interview, and she gave me homework and practice goals before the official day. When I got admitted, Lindsay was one of the first people I reached out to, and her excitement for me was so genuine. She truly cares about her clients, and she goes above and beyond to make a stressful experience positive. I cannot recommend Lindsay more highly. Overall, I would say these things: 1. An admission consultant is worth it. BUT 2. Not all admissions consultants are created equally. 3. Lindsay is a rare gem, and her services can undoubtedly turn a rejection into an admission!

Stanford GSB MSx

Working with Lindsay was great! Looking at where my applications started to where she helped me take them, there’s no question her that recommendations and help were key to creating successful applications – She helped me get into Yale SOM, Rotman, and UCLA with scholarships. For me, she was great at helping me hone in and focus on the messages I was trying to convey so that my essays were clear and direct. She provides a ton of flexibility with her time, and I really appreciated having the ability to ask her about any part of an application – from building a proper resume, reviewing essays, adding relevant additional information, etc. She is great at tracking time too, making sure applicants get full value for her time. On top of all that, she was lovely and encouraging to work with, especially during what can be a very stressful time.


Lindsay Is A Superhero! She worked with me every step of the way and made me feel like I was a family member. Her organization, structure, and attention to detail were a godsend for someone juggling a demanding full-time job and multiple application deadlines. When I needed to run something by her big or small, Lindsay made herself available and took the time to ease my worries and assure me that I was on the right path. She truly listens to your goals and her approach to building your application will give you the confidence to present yourself to any admissions committee. Lindsay was my cheerleader and my biggest support system every step of the way.

Columbia J Term

I'm so happy!! I could not have done it without you.

London Business School MBA

Within a month, I must choose whether to attend NYU Stern, Berkeley Haas, or UCLA Anderson for my MBA. I am in this position because of Lindsay. When I started preparing for the MBA application process I was very stressed because my work experience profile was not as strong as that of other candidates – and this had me convinced that I had close to zero chances of getting in. I questioned whether I should even bother applying. I even had an initial call with one other big MBA admission consulting company that discouraged me from applying to Haas and Stern. Lindsay alleviated the concerns I had, encouraged me to focus on the strong points of my profile, and filled me with confidence. In Lindsay, you will get someone that knows the application process inside and out, as well as someone who is super easy to work with to guide you through this difficult process. Personally, I chose Lindsay because from our initial call, she made me feel that I wasn’t just ”another candidate” for her, she really spent time to understand what would make me happy and she was sincere. Lindsay is incredible and I was lucky to have worked with her. Don’t hesitate to choose her to be your consultant – your decision will pay dividends within a few months.


When I started working with Lindsay, I was a re-applicant who had been rejected or waitlisted at five top-10 schools the previous year. I was unsure if I would feel comfortable working with a consultant, but I connected with Lindsay immediately and was impressed by her flexibility and willingness to meet me where I was by focusing on the areas where I felt I needed the most advice—how I told my story and related it to my future career goals through my essays and interviews. (She was also incredibly helpful at every single aspect of the application process). Lindsay was amazing and quite simply everything I wanted in a consultant: thoughtful and insightful about what is b-school friendly, while dedicated to making sure I told my story in a way that felt honest and right for me. Furthermore, she is efficient, down-to-earth and positive. This combination of qualities makes her incredibly unique among consultants, and made my application process significantly more stress-free than the first time around. The difference in my results after working with Lindsay says it all: I was admitted to 4 out of 4 schools I applied to, including three in the top 10, and I was offered scholarships at all of them. I’m going to my dream school and Lindsay was invaluable in helping me getting there. I plan on recommending her emphatically to anyone and everyone I know applying to business school!!

Wharton Lauder MBA/MA

My time with Lindsay was excellent. She was realistic about what schools I had a solid chance at while boosting my confidence at the same. She was incredibly flexible with her price point by developing a strategy that could fit my small budget and still make me feel like I was getting the good end of the deal. With her concise yet incredibly game-changing help, I was able to get into my dream school.


Before I was introduced to Lindsay and Sage Admit via the Forte MBA Launch program I had connected with three other consulting firms. While each firm I connected with had the stats, none put me at ease like Lindsay did! Within the first five meetings of speaking, I knew that she understood who I was and what goals I had for applying to MBA programs. She never made me feel judged for my nontraditional (older) background and was genuinely excited for every part of the application journey. We immediately aligned on the right approach for my essays, short answers, and resume, and she quickly shared on-point feedback along the way to keep me on track for applications. She also helped me with a mock interview which I think gave me a masterful edge.

CMU Tepper MBA

I was a re-applicant and my credentials, GMAT and GPA were on the lower end. I was discouraged in general and felt a little worn out. Talking to Lindsay and making a concrete game plan was the best decision I’ve ever made. She was brutally honest about what was attainable and what was a reach, but encouraged me the whole time to reach for the stars! If you are going in as a re-applicant, it can be hard mentally and emotionally but having a cheerleader and guide makes it so much better. Her insight with essays and interviews really helped shape what I wanted to do in business school. I took an offer that I never saw coming.

Vanderbilt Owen MBA

I had many consulting companies tell me getting into NYU Stern was near impossible with my low GPA and even lower GMAT scores, but Lindsay proved that wrong! After talking with a few options, Lindsay’s voice was the only one I heard that ignited a spark of hope. Lindsay is an absolute expert in her field and as close as you can get to working directly with admissions. Working with Lindsay not only enhanced my application, but also gave me confidence. Lindsay made this stressful process encouraging and led me out of a doubtful approach into a determined one. I can’t express my endorsement enough, Lindsay truly changed my future!

NYU Stern MBA Fashion & Luxury

Working with Sage Admit was a pleasure from beginning to end. Since the very beginning of engaging with Lindsay I received fast responses with actionable, tailored instructions, information and feedback. Lindsay has a special ability to tap into your story and help bring out the best in your profile. She’s extremely empathetic, kind, and hard-working. There were many times during the application process where I felt in a rut, but through her great suggestions and motivation she was able to pull me out of it and get back to writing the best essays I was capable of. Working with Lindsay, you feel like you’re working with someone who really cares. I couldn’t recommend working with her more. Without her help I wouldn’t have been able to organize all the moving parts to put together such a powerful application that ultimately got me into a dream school with a scholarship that I could not have expected.

Columbia MBA

I highly recommend Lindsay! A little bit about myself, I come from one of the most competitive demographics (Chinese, came to the US for college and now working for Big4), and my work experience is also on the lighter side. I had a lot of self-doubt throughout the application process, but I am very happy with the results: I was admitted to Stern, UCLA and Darden with scholarships. I decided to work with Lindsay initially because she had experience working in admission at Stern, one of my top choice programs. She has been on both sides of the table, and has seen a large volume of applications throughout her time at Stern. I’m very thankful that I chose Lindsay – she is extremely knowledgeable about the MBA programs (not just Stern, but all programs) and the application process, and always pushes you to be the best version of yourself. I worked with Lindsay on three schools. Lindsay guided me through each and every step of the application process, from selecting schools, putting together application strategies to essays and interviews, and making the final decision. For me, on top of all the work of putting together the application materials, one of the most difficult things about this whole process is that it is very mentally stressful. Lindsay was like a mentor for me throughout the process. She found a good balance of keeping me feeling motivated and confident, but also making sure she’s giving me direct and candid feedback. I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone thinking about applying to MBA programs – she’s truly the best!

UVA Darden MBA

I am so happy I worked with Lindsay. She is a clear communicator, highly accessible and breaks down exactly what you need to do in order to have the best chance at success. Her interview prep not only helped me gain admission off the waitlist to my program of choice, but it has made me feel more confident in how to approach preparing for any interviews in my future career. Totally worth the investment. I could not recommend her highly enough.

NYU Stern Part-time MBA

I had 5-10 intro calls with other admission consultants before I had one intro call with Lindsay and instantly clicked with her and loved her approach to MBA applications. She’s a very deep listener and truly understood my motivations for an MBA. She made me feel very comfortable in every step of my application/essay writing process – she made sure that I stayed authentic to my motivations and goals for an MBA. Whenever I needed her guidance, she would instantly make time for me and help me out with pressing questions. I highly recommend working with her; she really made me feel like a priority and I genuinely felt like she cared about my success.

Duke Fuqua MBA

Lindsay's services were phenomenal. To say the business school application process is stressful is an understatement, but somehow Lindsay helped me feel confident and in control from start to finish. I couldn't recommend her work more highly - I submitted applications that I was proud of all because of Lindsay's help. When I received the acceptance call from Cornell, I cried tears of joy- Lindsay helped turn a dream into a reality.

Cornell Johnson MBA

Navigating the MBA admissions process requires significantly more time, insight and self-reflection than I could have ever imagined when I first began the application process. I spoke with a number of MBA admissions consulting companies, who told me that my “standard” Big Four Consulting background and undergraduate institution would preclude me from a good chance of admission to most of the top MBA programs. I was so lucky to have found Lindsay, who instantly gave me the confidence and support I needed in an extremely stressful and unfamiliar process. She took the time to really understand my background, experiences and goals and subsequently guide me through self-reflecting and developing a story that was deeply authentic to me. Lindsay’s turnaround on material review is extremely quick, and she was always there to guide me on miscellaneous application questions and reassure me along the way. Ultimately, I was accepted to Darden with a full-tuition scholarship, Kellogg-MMM, and Wharton. I have no doubt that Lindsay’s support, guidance and deep insights into what the Admissions Committee is looking for were instrumental to my admissions success. Lindsay is wonderful to work with – I cannot recommend her enough!

Kellogg MMM

I was hesitant to spend on an admissions consultant but the investment with Lindsay was beyond worth it. Her feedback on my essays and resume helped me reflect more deeply on my background and better articulate my goals for the future. My EMBA application improved significantly in just two weeks of working together. Not only did I get into the program of my choice, but I feel more energized to advocate for myself in my career. In fact, this week I have a second interview for my dream job; I know my revamped resume and application essay, which I repurposed into a cover letter, helped me get noticed by the hiring manager.


Looking back, I would not have been able to do this application without Lindsay. She was a deep listener who helped me articulate my concerns, needs, and values in the language of business school. She holds key and specific insight that ended up being crucial. And most importantly, she ingrained in me the sense that I have reason to be proud of my experiences; she established within me a professional self-esteem that I think does not come naturally to a lot of young women. So, I feel grateful to her not just for helping me go to Columbia, but more importantly for helping me see my own professional value.

Columbia MBA

While Lindsay would call herself an admissions consultant, I'd also refer to her as a motivator, coach, and friend. With Lindsay's support, I was accepted to HBS, Wharton, and Kellogg (with a scholarship). Lindsay is the consultant who eases your worries, while simultaneously giving you honest feedback to ensure your applications are the best they can be. Lindsay takes the time to really get to know you outside of your resume, which allows her to give extremely thoughtful feedback on your essays. I cannot recommend Lindsay enough. While I am SO happy the application process is complete, I will say I already miss connecting with Lindsay. I recommend her 110%

Harvard MBA

I am so glad and lucky that I found Lindsay. I was working with another agent in China before and they were a total rip-off. My deadlines were approaching and I was not happy at all with my essays. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended Lindsay to me. We had an extremely tight turnaround, but Lindsay has made the almost impossible possible. With her help, I got accepted to my dream program IESE applying in R4. Lindsay really helped bring out the theme/storyline of my essays and provide my application materials with a better structure and focus. I really enjoyed working with her and cannot recommend her more!

IESE Business School

Lindsay is a thorough professional. She not only helped me in fine-tuning my application essays, but also mentored me in choosing the most suitable career path. I made it into my first choice and owe this success to Lindsay!

University of Toronto Rotman MBA

Lindsay is an incredible asset and resource for all things MBA. So incredible, in fact, that she was editing my CBS essays on CHRISTMAS EVE so I could make Columbia's early January deadline. She is the woman you want on your team!

Columbia EMBA

I cannot think of a better person to partner with on your business school application journey. I say journey because it’s a long and stressful process, and having Lindsay there every step of the way added intangible value. Lindsay was responsive and genuine and a pleasure to work with. As former Ad Com herself, she offers an insider’s perspective which is extremely advantageous. I had lower than average GMAT scores and a non-traditional background. She helped me highlight my strengths and craft a story that was both unique and compelling as to why business school made sense for me. She was worth her weight in gold and there’s no way I would have gotten 3 interviews at top 15 schools and acceptance into 2 of them (including my dream school!) without her help.

UCLA Anderson MBA

Lindsay has this peculiar gift of instantly uncovering the unique abilities of a candidate and serving them up on a platter of gold. During my journey to get into Stern EMBA, she extended grace to me that left me with a different lens on what I bring to the table that has skyrocketed my confidence. Thank you. She is not looking for a cookie-cutter candidate, instead a player that is both authentic and willing. She is highly organized and has a thoughtful approach — which resulted in me confidently submitting my application two weeks ahead of schedule. She is a great thought partner that is readily accessible to roll up her sleeves and helps you think deep. She pushed me…hard…on my ‘why,’ which resulted in not only a plan for my life today but over the next few years. And I believe that our exercises of clarity translated well on the application to yield an admit decision. Do not go on this journey without a guide, and the only guide worthwhile is Lindsay. Trust me, if you want to measure twice and cut once – Lindsay is your guide.


Lindsay was a true partner during the entire admissions process. She was always available and gave constructive, meaningful, and action-oriented feedback on every piece of collateral I wrote. I wouldn't have been able to pivot my career and land with a fellowship without her guidance; I can't recommend her enough!

Boston College Carroll MBA

Lindsay is fantastic! As prepared as I thought I was for my MBA admissions journey, there were several unexpected curveballs that could have thrown me off course. Fortunately, Lindsay's ongoing support kept me on track and helped me obtain an admit from my top choice school. Her thoughtful insights and quick turnaround time helped me craft an authentic and compelling story. Moreover, Lindsay provided encouragement when it was needed most. Her warmth, compassion and professionalism were invaluable throughout this process.

Berkeley Haas Evening & Weekend MBA

Coming from a non-traditional background, I didn’t feel like I had anyone I could go to who knew what schools were looking for. Lindsay was that person… I ended up adding three more schools to my package- Lindsay was that indispensable! She is extremely organized, responsive regardless of the time of day, and an editing whiz who would whip even my most scatter-brained essays into shape. Most importantly, every meeting was a delight because I truly enjoyed working with her. Throughout such an overwhelming, long, and tumultuous process, it was invaluable to feel like I truly had someone in my corner.


I cannot recommend Lindsay highly enough. Everyone knows that the application process will have its ups and downs and moments when you want to give up (circa version 40 of my HBS essay), but Lindsay's calm, positive and tenacious demeanor helped me push through. In addition, she made herself readily available at odd times of the day to accommodate my busy schedule and was always precise with her hourly billing to be mindful of my budget. I was ultimately accepted to my top choice program (HBS), and I believe Lindsay's support was fundamental to this accomplishment (from initial essay ideation to preparing for my interviews). If you're considering working with Lindsay, I encourage you to take the leap - you will not regret it.

Harvard MBA

Lindsay is just the person you need if you want an admit from your dream school. Lindsay was more like a mentor who always brought out the best in me. She would pump up my confidence levels, which was much needed to keep pushing towards my application deadlines and submit my best application. Lindsay is extremely organized; she would set weekly goals which made it easier to not lose track. The entire process was mentally taxing, yet Lindsay was always available to guide me through the process and was extremely accommodating. With Lindsay’s help, I was able to get into Wharton with scholarship and Berkeley Haas. I honestly wouldn’t be able to get into my dream schools if it wasn’t for Lindsay. Lindsay is such a Rockstar. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Wharton EMBA

Lindsay made me feel confident in all aspects of my application and was the voice of reason throughout, keeping me on track while managing my doubts and questions. I had an ambitious timeline and she helped me meet it without feeling overwhelmed.

Babson MBA

Lindsay helped me get into one of the most competitive MSFE programs! She is very resourceful, responds quickly, and guided me through my applications and interviews with patience. The most crucial piece of advice she gave me was when we were preparing for interviews; she told me to 'speak from my heart'. I continue to rely on this today.

Columbia MS Financial Engineering

After nearly a year of working with Lindsay, I can confidently state that she is incredible to work with. I cannot imagine how I would have made it through this long and stressful application cycle without her help. Her professional guidance and cheerful personality caught me in our first call, and I was convinced that she would be the right person to work with for the next year. She was very attentive, provided excellent essay ideas/feedback, and promptly answered all of my questions. During the application process, there are many steps to be taken. Lindsay helped me complete them in a systematic manner. She was extremely organized, made regular phone calls to check in, and assigned a reasonable number of tasks each week. She was also incredibly supportive. It’s easy to fall prey to self-doubt during the application process, and Lindsay is the one that always believes in me and gives me confidence. I strongly recommend you to work with her. It will be a great experience! She is amazing!!

Yale SOM Masters in Asset Management