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bespoke admissions consulting,

100% former adcom

We place candidates into the world’s top MBA and graduate programs

Our Approach


We use data to advise our clients, not conjecture or anecdotes. Our data is proprietary; it has been assembled from our experience as admissions committee members. That data is kept fresh through close relationships...

A Strong Network

We maintain close relationships with former colleagues who work at top-25 business schools and graduate programs. We meet with our contacts regularly to discuss changes in what each school is looking for. We also discuss trends, new program development, and the evolving job market.

Former ADCOM

We recently sat in committee, making admissions decisions and shaping the incoming class. We have a pulse on what’s going on right now. Other firms sell the same dated perspective year after year. They attend conferences and workshops to keep up. Our knowledge is fresh and sustained by on-the-ground intelligence.


This isn’t a part-time gig for us. We do this work full-time and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to the success of our clients. We want to be your partner in this process.


Accepted to Wharton with fellowship!! Thank you! This is all you! You've helped change my life trajectory and I'm forever grateful. (Wharton)
The whole admissions process is quite complicated and filled with lots of unknowns. Lindsay simplified that process for me. She is a deep listener, a strategic outside-the-box thinker. She was fast in responding with direct, specific, actionable feedback - even during the busy end of year holidays. She always made it a point to be positive and constructive in her feedback. At some point, when we met during a mock interview, I told her she resembled a Japanese master of her craft, because of how she handles everything with excellence; she really is the best in the business at what she does. (Haas)
Lindsay’s cogent, deliberate, and authentic approach was the true differentiator for my MBA application process. Her background in admissions makes her the perfect knowledge source. Through a series of game-changing tips, she provided the bedrock for my winning application. She listened, discerningly and empathetically, to my fragmented story and quickly whipped my essays into tiptop-tier shape! I owe so much of my success to her. Lindsay is also one of the kindest, most generous consultants I know. She somehow helped me believe in myself along the way so that I felt confident going into interviews. I can say assuredly, I couldn’t have done it without her!! (Columbia)
When I started working with Lindsay, I was a re-applicant who had been rejected or waitlisted at five top-10 schools the previous year. I was unsure if I would feel comfortable working with a consultant, but I connected with Lindsay immediately and was impressed by her flexibility and willingness to meet me where I was by focusing on the areas where I felt I needed the most advice—how I told my story and related it to my future career goals through my essays and interviews. (She was also incredibly helpful at every single aspect of the application process). Lindsay was amazing and quite simply everything I wanted in a consultant: thoughtful and insightful about what is b-school friendly, while dedicated to making sure I told my story in a way that felt honest and right for me. Furthermore, she is efficient, down-to-earth and positive. This combination of qualities makes her incredibly unique among consultants, and made my application process significantly more stress-free than the first time around. The difference in my results after working with Lindsay says it all: I was admitted to 4 out of 4 schools I applied to, including three in the top 10, and I was offered scholarships at all of them. I’m going to my dream school and Lindsay was invaluable in helping me getting there. I plan on recommending her emphatically to anyone and everyone I know applying to business school!! (Wharton)
I was a re-applicant and my credentials, GMAT and GPA were on the lower end. I was discouraged in general and felt a little worn out. Talking to Lindsay and making a concrete game plan was the best decision I’ve ever made. She was brutally honest about what was attainable and what was a reach, but encouraged me the whole time to reach for the stars! If you are going in as a re-applicant, it can be hard mentally and emotionally but having a cheerleader and guide makes it so much better. Her insight with essays and interviews really helped shape what I wanted to do in business school. I took an offer that I never saw coming. (Vanderbilt)
I had many consulting companies tell me getting into NYU Stern was near impossible with my low GPA and even lower GMAT scores, but Lindsay proved that wrong! After talking with a few options, Lindsay’s voice was the only one I heard that ignited a spark of hope. Lindsay is an absolute expert in her field and as close as you can get to working directly with admissions. Working with Lindsay not only enhanced my application, but also gave me confidence. Lindsay made this stressful process encouraging and led me out of a doubtful approach into a determined one. I can’t express my endorsement enough, Lindsay truly changed my future! (Stern)
Lindsay's services were phenomenal. To say the business school application process is stressful is an understatement, but somehow Lindsay helped me feel confident and in control from start to finish. I couldn't recommend her work more highly - I submitted applications that I was proud of all because of Lindsay's help. When I received the acceptance call from Cornell, I cried tears of joy- Lindsay helped turn a dream into a reality. (Cornell)
Lindsay made me feel confident in all aspects of my application and was the voice of reason throughout, keeping me on track while managing my doubts and questions. I had an ambitious timeline and she helped me meet it without feeling overwhelmed. (Babson)
Lindsay helped me get into one of the most competitive MSFE programs! She is very resourceful, responds quickly, and guided me through my applications and interviews with patience. The most crucial piece of advice she gave me was when we were preparing for interviews; she told me to 'speak from my heart'. I continue to rely on this today. (Columbia, MS Financial Engineering)