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The Sage Admit Comprehensive Package

The entire application process with unlimited support

1. Initial Strategy Call


This is where it all begins! Let’s have an honest conversation about your personal and professional background and career goals. Get real-time feedback about your gaps along with a strategy for addressing them. At the end of this call you will have an action plan, timeline, and a general assessment of your candidacy.

2. Create Your Personal Brand


Adcoms read applications quickly.  You need to “brand” yourself so that your application stands out among the crowd. Together we will identify your strengths and unique experiences and craft these into a compelling story.  This will serve as a framework for your essays, interviews, and other aspects of the application process.

3. Define Career Goals


We are well-versed in the broad spectrum of business industries and functions and will work with you to present feasible goals that will impress adcom. We also have vast experience placing international clients who want to work in the US. We understand the unique challenges of these competitive groups.

4. School Selection


We will start talking about schools during the initial strategy call.  After we have developed your personal brand and further defined your career goals, we are now in a position to lock-down a balanced list of reach and match schools.

5. Refine Resume


Your resume may have landed you a new job or recent promotion, but that’s not the same resume you should use for your application. Work with us to make your resume less technical or industry-specific, and more tailored to what adcoms want.

6. Determine Recommenders


Adcom expects you to use a current supervisor as a recommender, but that could be career suicide. We will talk through your options, navigate how to approach your recommenders, and identify the key points that we want them to emphasize throughout the recommendation.

7. Essay Review


Essays can be overwhelming and adcom reads them quickly. Learn how to write an essay that reinforces your personal brand, succinctly captures your career goals, and makes you likable and memorable.  We will iterate over your essays until we get it right.

8. The Second Opinion


We’ve created an awesome application! At this point, we’ve been “in the weeds” for some time and could use an outside perspective. Sage Admit has deep connections with former adcom from top programs. A single “outsider” in our network will read your first completed application and offer concrete and strategic feedback.

9. Interview Prep


Congrats on being invited to interview! The Comprehensive Package includes unlimited interview strategy time and a mock interview for each program, over Skype with real-time feedback. You will walk into your interviews feeling prepared and confident.

10. Choose a School


You’re in! Now you must decide which offer to accept.  We are here to help you weigh your options. If you have been waitlisted, we will come up with a plan that makes you stand out in the queue.

Hourly Services

Quick, on-demand counseling

Here are just a few examples of how we can jump-in to help:

You have a “dream” school, but you have no idea what your chances are of getting in. We provide an honest assessment of your candidacy and can create a balanced list of reach and match programs.
You are unsure about how to articulate your career goals, but you know that this is an important part of the application. We will help you define career goals that will impress adcom.
English is your second language and you are worried about the readability of your essays and resume. We can perform a full review of your essays and resume and offer concrete feedback on how to improve them.
Your application is complete and are ready to hit submit, but your finger is shaking. You wish someone on the “inside” could review your application and provide feedback before you submit.  We are former adcom members.  You’ll feel confident submitting after we’ve read your application.
You’ve been invited to interview! Congratulations! Now sit down and prep with us. We provide interview strategy and mock interviews with realtime feedback via Skype.
You applied to some programs but were dinged and have no idea why. We will read through your submitted application and provide insight into why you weren’t admitted and what you should do differently the next time.

Hourly services can be transferred into a comprehensive package.